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Michelle Leone Huisman

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

I find beauty everywhere in my surroundings. I’m inspired by what many consider ordinary, looking for hidden moments in the everyday.


I treasure family, community and the small-scale. I cherish nature and discovery. My goal is to inspire a sense of wonder in the world around me.

Photographer. Mom. Wife. Nature Lover. BFA - Stills Photo Arts Graduate with Honours from Toronto Metropolitan University. Artist. She/Her.

Please contact me HERE if you if are interested in purchases, collections and/or exhibitions. 

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Community Outreach

As a community builder, I have always found inspiration in bringing people together to improve local neighbourhoods. Some of my many contributions and ongoing support in my local community include:

  • Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society Board Member, 2019–2022

  • Vancouver Foundation Community Action Table committee member (central Vancouver), 2019–2021

  • Lead organizer for Little Mountain Neighbourhood House mural, 2020

  • Lead Organizer of Pop Up Plaza Mural at 21st Avenue and Main Street 2021

  • Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants Advisory Committee, 2012–2019

  • Vancouver Athletic Football Club Team Manager U6–U10 Boys & Girls, 2015–2021

  • Little Mountain Child Development Centre Playground Fundraising Committee, 2014–2016

  • Lead organizer for Little Mountain Neighbourhood Community BBQ, 2008–2017

I continue to devote myself to building a strong community by committing time, energy and experience to many ongoing local projects, committees and clubs.

Mural at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House

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