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Polaroids Manipulations

Cocoon: to protect itself while it is changing into an adult. 


The artist has become the work of art. In many ways my art shows much more about me than I can imagine. It is all right here - layer upon layer of collage, a build up, something to hide behind. Yet, these manipulations work in the opposite way. Starting with the upper layer and scratching away the areas I want to show through revealing parts of what is behind the top layer. 

The works are abstract, confusion. Do I really understand myself yet? In some ways I do but in many ways the learning process has just begun! Slowly it is revealing itself and slowly I am learning more about myself. 

Perhaps this is what attracts people to these collaged images. Although there is a subtle barrier created in all the prints, a certain mystery draws people to these images. In many ways aren't most of us trying to destroy the walls we have built around us for so many years?     



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